Our staff


Operations Manager and Guide

Daniel went down to the mine for the first time in 1998 and has since been very active in the development of what we today call the adventure mine. Has been working for high heights and other types of safety work for many years. Active in cave exploration, cave diving and photography. Like everything in outdoor life and do not be afraid to struggle and struggle to implement a crazy idea. Living in Borlänge with wife and child. Favorite activity in the mine is exploration and cableway.


Operations manager for diving

Marcin originally comes from Poland. He has lived and worked in Sweden since 1999 and is now living in Stockholm with his girlfriend and two cats. He started diving in 2006 and since 2010 there is cave diving and mining diving that has become his greatest interest. Has been active in the mine since 2011. What attracted him to Tuna Hästberg was the diving, the community, the development opportunities and the commitment of everyone involved in the adventure mine. The goal of the job in charge of the dive business is to create a safe, exciting and developing place for all those visiting us and for those involved in the dive business.



He comes from the village and with both father and grandfather who worked in the mine, Mats possesses great knowledge and interest in the survival of the mine and the village. Favorite activity is mine history and events.


Operations manager for guides and  guide

Jack of all trades who in recent years “nerded” themselves completely into the enchanting world of mines. Has camping equipment and repsack ready in the car if he finds holes in the ground. Favorite activity in the mine is exploration and events.



What gives more confidence when you go down on real adventure than a healthcare military. Arrangement and reason, security first and always taken care of new challenges and adventures in the mine. Favorite activity in the mine is Deluxe tours and events



Computer nerd that changed direction and nerded down completely in the mine. Enthusiastic who get to share all the exciting items the workers left to tell a story about their destiny. Favorite activity in the mine is exploration with some fondness for old ladders.



The guide who has been with us the longest and got to see the mine develop. Knowledgeable as few and always provide a restful calm in all situations. When she does not tell about the history of mines, she can find her in the dressage saddle.



Lovely relaxed carpenter who has the greatest pleasure to be part of the guest’s adventure. When he does not go robbery stories in the mine, Curlie can be found hanging in the climbing hall with new leads in turn.



Rickard is a mine nerd with great interest in Swedish mining. He generally devotes all daily leisure to acquainting himself with literature about mining and mining, as well as exploring exciting and interesting mines, both dry and water-filled, both above and below ground. Participating actively in several mining-related projects around Sweden and in Tuna Hästberg, he mainly serves as a guide and dive manager, as well as training new guides. Rickard is currently working on a paper about the operation in Tuna Hästberg’s mine.