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The miners wifes sauna ritual

Experience the world’s most powerful sauna through the unique miner’s lady’s sauna ritual, designed as a tribute to her essence that played a major role in history. Join us on a guided sauna experience where Sauna by Elin, with its mystery and knowledge, will make you forget time and space for a while.

Since time immemorial, the mine lady has observed the life that was in the mine. Legend has it that the mine lady watched over the mine’s locations and could warn of upcoming dangers or show where the large deposits were. Today’s deposits are no longer the ore in the rock, the wealth is now found in the mine’s adventure experiences where the mine lady’s sauna ritual is the latest of the deposits. An epic contrast to life above ground! Your senses will travel from heat to cool, from soft to hard, male to female at the same time as the endorphins flow in your body. Feel the history in the walls of the mountain while wondering how you will ever be able to bathe in a normal sauna again!

Booking requests or other questions should be sent to:

What is included

2 hours of relaxing sauna hangout far from mobile phone notifications
Lavish cloth
Alcohol-free drink
A local cheese and charcuterie tray
Several lovely dips in the mine's crystal clear water
Unique photo opportunity


Own swimwear


Opening offer valid 11 October - 22 December 2022.

SEK 12,500 / sauna session.
The price applies to 1-10 people for private groups. Can be booked for up to 16 people, supplement SEK 1250/person.

Mining tour is added for SEK 795/person or the more challenging Adventure Tour for SEK 995/person

Price example

A group of 12 people pays SEK 12,500 + 2x 1,250 for the sauna ritual and 12x 795 for a guided mining tour to and from the sauna. A total of SEK 24,540 including VAT


The Adventure Mine is an inaccessible place that requires a healthy heart. If you are unsure or possibly pregnant, start by booking one of Sauna by Elin's rituals above ground instead!

How do I get there?

Get down into the Adventure Mine through a mine tour where you walk and climb stable ladders to get down to a depth of 80m. When you are there, Sauna by Elin will meet your group to give the basic information. Then you change in the glow of old mining lamps. Sauna by Elin takes you through Gruvfrun's sauna ritual, which will contain various elements that stimulate and strengthen your senses. Before the ritual is over, you have also filled your stomach with something good and are getting ready for the continued adventure out of the mine.

Good to know

Booking requests or other questions should be sent to:

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