Let your next conference be an experience!


If you want to organize conferences beyond the ordinary, we can offer creative meetings with the little extra. Down in the mine, a conference room awaits that is guaranteed not to look like any other meeting room you have sat in.

In the old dynamite store in Tuna hästberg’s mine, the geniuses are waiting to replace each other, in a guaranteed undisturbed environment around a log table. There is no coverage for the mobile network down here.

Cravings for a real adventure?

Follow the underground and explore ancient mysterious tunnels. With knowledgeable guides, helmets, headlamps and harnesses, we head to drained areas and break rooms, over underground lakes and deep shafts. A warm, comfortable conference room with total peace of mind awaits where we tailor the day to your wishes. Our visitors are of all ages and the degree of difficulty can be compared to climbing a regular 3 meter ladder, but the experience is far greater. Banks, municipalities, museums, carpenters, computer game manufacturers, police and rescue services are some of our customers.

Different conference rooms give a different conference

Do you want to hold meetings or organize events for conferences with team building exercises? No matter what, our offer is very popular. The “entrance” is a bit special. You choose if you want to climb down the rock walls via our Via Ferrata system, or if you take the stairs. Few people usually choose the stairs… Read more about climbing and Via Ferrata here.

Take the opportunity to test our different adventures

Do not miss our various experience packages, which you can read more about here. Climb with a guide in the Adventure Mine and experience a fabulous environment, untouched since the mining operations were shut down. Here is a world of adventure waiting.

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the conference

You confer in an old dynamite store room, disconnected from wifi, GSM, 3G and 4G. The rock room is warm and you sit comfortably on long logs. Equipment that are available on site is an HD projector, computer, audio equipment, flipchart and White board. Tells us what you want to do, and we get suitable equipment for it.

The food

Sahlins Struts in Borlänge delivers the food which is greatly appreciated by our guests. We always choose organic, MSC-labeled and locally grown. If anyone has allergies or wants lacto-ovo vegetarian, the chef will arrange it.

Price - Walking Conference 2.5h

Easier walking tour in the mine, including coffee. Price: 188 SEK per person + 1h conference, 3000 SEK per group

Price - Adventure Conference 5h

Several hours of memorable adventure, including coffee break. Price: 846 SEK per person + 1h conference, 3000 SEK per group.

Price - Adventure Conference Deluxe 6h

Our most sold package offers unforgettable experiences. Hot soup and coffee are included. Price: SEK 1222 per person + 2h conference, SEK 5000 per group.

What do previous participants think?

We usually hear that the conference in Äventyrsgruvan is the best conference they have participated in. Fun exercises conferences are of course started by the fact that it all starts with climbing, but also in terms of results it is usually a success.

By being completely shielded from the outside world, you avoid distractions of various kinds. Just such a thing as smartphones lacking coverage makes the experience guaranteed free from notis-pling and ringing. This makes it easier for all participants to concentrate, which of course affects the result.

Henrik, Mega el i Dalarna AB

“Our company got an Incredibly cool trip, super good food and a great room down in the mine. I will have to book the Lucia event too! Don’t hesitate to book a trip if you are considering it!”

Charlie, TST-Gruppen

“Great fun, great for larger groups who want to do something together.”

Angelica, Dance & Style

“I think the whole day has been world class! Super, super, super good with everything! ”

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