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About the Walking Tour

An easier trip in the mine. Follow our guides down into the mine via the 110 meter long stairs in the old personnel shaft. Once down in the mine, an exciting walk awaits you to the Great Hall, where you can experience a little of the mine’s grandeur in the light of torches.

During the visit, we offer coffee and cake in a heated mountain room at a depth of 80 meters. On our booking page there are open tours where you as a single or small group can book.


These tours run every third Sunday at 11:00 and last about 1.5 hours.


If you are a group of 20 people or more, you can book a trip on any day and time in agreement with us. When booking groups under 40, other visitors may be booked on the tour. Maximum number of 150 people.


Price adult SEK 250 per person (SEK 236 ex VAT)
Price children under 15 years SEK 100 per person

Clothing advice

The temperature in the mine is 4 degrees all year round when you get below 20m depth.

To book:


Applicable to Covid-19, adaptation to a maximum of 8 people at general gatherings.

We adapt our guided tours so that we follow the Swedish Public Health Agency’s recommendations and rules. We go down to the mine in groups of a maximum of 8 participants (including guides). If a group books a guided tour and the participants exceed 8 people, the group will be divided into two smaller separate groups that go down into the mine at different times.

The environment in the mine can be equated with an outdoor environment and there is plenty of space so all our visitors have a good opportunity to keep their distance. If any visitor feels cold symptoms before the trip, that person should contact us by phone, cancel the place and stay at home.

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