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About lucia

Lucia, a beautiful holiday. The tradition of lighting up the winter darkness. The evening offers hot mulled wine and a traditional Lucia train overlooking the illuminated, crystal clear lake in the Indiana Jones Hall.

Forssaängkören’s teenage girls, who have won several awards, stand for a musical experience beyond the ordinary. We promise you a really cozy Lucia, full of exciting events that you are guaranteed not to have experienced before!

Welcome to a wonderful evening with us at Äventyrsgruvan!

Thanks to our partners / suppliers / sponsors in this event:

Forssaängkören, Sensus Studieförbund, Elektro Voice, Venue Magic, SONY projectors, Belo Elektriskar, Tuna Hästbergs Hembygdsförening




200 seats / show - First come, first served!


Adult 350kr
Children 100 kr

Clothing advice

The temperature in the mine is 4 degrees all year round when you get below 20m depth.

För att boka:


Long staircase with many steps, must be able to go down and back up.

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