Diving in the mine

For over ten years, it has been diving in the old mine on the mountain above the village of Tuna Hästberg. It is a unique and different world that awaits with crystal clear waters. Everywhere you go you are met by well-preserved remains from a bygone era when the mountain where mined and shared its riches. There are countless wooden constructions, gear and wagons waiting in depth. Today there are several kilometres of line to dive after and several expeditions are conducted every year to discover and map new and previously unexplored parts of the mine. During an expedition in the fall of 2010, one of the mine’s main levels was visited at 115m depth found a large power station, office and the workers’ old dining room. For those who want to dare, there’s always something new to discover and the mine is happy to share its secrets.

Email us if you are interested in diving in the mine: diving@aventyrsgruvan.se

First, read the rules we have for diving.